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Did You Hear Pastor Josh on KSKB?

Last week, our pastor had a chance to speak on KSKB Brooklyn about our church and help the radio station out with their share-a-thon at the same time. For anyone searching for New Beginnings Church or Pastor Josh on KSKB, we wanted to have a page for you to land on. So, welcome! Glad you found us!

This is a great place to begin to learn more about our church.

Find sermons here.

And general info for newcomers here.

You may have heard Josh talk about our Sunday services that begin with testimonies. He said, “We don’t have a traditional service. We actually start with times of testimony of what God is doing in each other’s lives. I believe God is constantly making himself known to his children. He’s constantly reminding us of his goodness and his mercies, and we spend a good 10-20 minutes just doing that.”

He also mentioned our prayer time before the service, which all are welcome to come to, half an hour before the service starts. We meet in the church kitchen (look for the door with the sign about prayer), and we want you to know you can pop in that room and join in any time.

Check out our events page for details.

No, we are not in the Big Apple, we’re in the sweet and small rural town of Brooklyn, Iowa. We hope to see you soon!

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Pastor Josh’s message last Sunday included a short discussion on missionaries. Please click the link if you’re looking for the right place to support an Open Bible missionary. There, you can read about many missionaries, where they are serving, and a short summary of what they are doing and how the Lord has used them. There’s an easy spot to donate directly to the missionaries of your choice. Please consider supporting those who are called away from their homes to spread the Gospel!

Note: You can find the sermon from Sunday on the last half of Acts 13 here.

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