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Pastors Josh and Tracey Gerard

Josh and Tracey Gerard have been pastoring New Beginnings since 2017. They met at Oral Roberts University, and have been married for 24 years. They have four children. Josh is also the town librarian, and Tracey teaches at the local school. Their passion is to connect people to God by fostering and building healthy relationships.

Children’s Pastor Tracey Gerard

Tracey Gerard is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, where she majored in Elementary Education. She’s had 5 years of experience as a children’s pastor and makes our kids smile every single Sunday. She has taught a variety of grades over her 12 years in education and is currently a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at BGM High School. She also worked in social work serving families with children for 8 years. She’s a wonderful cook, mother, and friend. She organizes her busy family life as well as the church calendar. We’d be lost without her! She loves southern food, a strong cup of coffee, and being at the lake in the summertime. Her favorite movie is Bed of Roses.

Youth Pastor Josh Gerard

Josh loves playing board games, playing more games, and hosting game nights. Josh Gerard has 16 years of experience as a youth pastor and has had the privilege of guiding many teens to Christ. He loves the theater, hates the outdoors unless it’s kayaking. He eats his weight in kale every week because he thinks it will make him lose weight. And he thinks the Bible is the best book that everyone should be reading. His favorite memory of leading this group is when he turned over the Sunday morning service to them and they ran with it. They greeted, worshiped, preached! It was awesome. Their roots run deep.