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Our church is located in Brooklyn, Iowa, a rural community with strong roots and a flair for flags. We’re here to help people come to know Jesus, and to encourage those who already do. New Beginnings is a place for friendship, learning, and spurring each other on to grow closer to Christ.

Our own new beginning happened six years ago, when pastors Josh and Tracey accepted the call to shepherd the church. They have faithfully served our church family and created strong ministries for kids and teens. Their heart for teaching and loving others is plain to see.

Our church family is down-to-earth and friendly, with people from different walks of life. Whether you’re a longtime follower of Christ or newly curious about who He is, all are welcome here!

What We Believe

New Beginnings Church is a member of the Open Bible Churches association. To quote from the website,

Our name reflects our foundation; we embrace the Bible as God’s Word and seek to build who we are, what we believe, and what we do on the Bible, which must be open in order to discover and apply its truth.

Our teachings are Bible-based, as are all of our groups. For more information on our core values and our statement of faith, please visit the Open Bible’s website.

We’re available to pray with you, read God’s word, and help you grow in your relationship with Christ.

Come join us!

Church Building

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Sundays at 10 AM

4106 V18 Rd.
Brooklyn, Iowa 52211