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Posted on December 15, 2023

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Josh Gerard, Playwright

I’d venture a guess that roughly everyone in Brooklyn, Iowa not only knows Josh Gerard, but they also know he’s a man of the theater. This year, our pastor put on a second Christmas play that he wrote, and it was another smashing success. Between the laughs, the audience was reminded of the gospel and the real reason for the season.

Sharing his faith and entertaining at the same time is a passion Pastor Josh has had for a long time. With this year’s play, It’s a Wonderful Christmas Story, he told the tale of a dad who is visited by an angel after showing some confusion about the meaning of Christmas. A mashup of several classic holiday movies ensues. Josh was happy to direct a fantastic group, many of which included those from our church family.

An article about Josh and his many roles in life was published in The Poweshiek County CR. We’d love for you to read this article, which includes a powerful testimony of God’s guidance. You can see Josh’s response in the photos below.

We believe he’s going through the three stages of fame: shock, joy, and finally, acceptance.

If you missed the play, watch the New Beginnings Facebook page over the Christmas holiday for a recording that will be available for three days only. In the future, we hope to offer Josh’s faith-based plays as downloadable PDFs in a shop on the website, so stay tuned! It’s our hope that many other churches and theaters can put on his productions and share a fun, inspirational time for their community.